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On the job: a photoshoot with Meridian (Photo Kevin Mazutinec)

I am not your typical professional photographer.

You don't have to expect conventional photos shot according to traditional templates. My background in documentary photography compels me to seek the universal yet extraordinary qualities in every person and every moment. 

I believe in unique perspective, in creativity and experimentation, and in real connection with my subjects that reaches beyond the scope of the camera lens. I believe in letting events unfold naturally in front of my lens so it can capture real life in all its beauty.  

I choose improvisation and light touch over high tech gear and careful staging, so my subjects can be who they are or as they want to be, and together we create effortless but powerful images.

Portfolio highlights:

  • BA in Digital Media Studies, Vancouver Island University (2017)

  • Author of web-based documentaries Wounded Healers, Human Whisperers (2016 - present) and The Hub City Project (2013 - present) 

  • Portraitist at Lifetouch Photography (school and grad photography) (2017 - 2018) 

  • Participant in the group exhibition Somewhat Mine by Ron Tran, Nanaimo Art Gallery,  (March 2016)

  • Resident photographer at Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, Nanaimo, (2014 - present)

  • Resident product and event photographer at The Vault Cafe, Nanaimo , (2014 - 2018)

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